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  • Allergan Botox Injections:

    $14.00 a Unit

  • Allergan Juvederm Dermal Fillers Injections:

    $650.00 a Syringe / $325.00 Half a Syringe

  • Latesse (Eye Lashes Growth Stimulants:

    $160.00 at pick up for 3 ml Vial (70 applications; 35 days Supply)
    $200.00 to be paid for 5 ml Vial (140 applications; 70 days Supply)

  • HCG 1,000 units per ml 10 ml (50 days daily) SQ injections;
    to include a complete diet & exercise guide:

    $400.00 a Course

  • Prescription Appetite Suppressant:
    (For those who are having trouble controlling their appetite while on a diet protocol):

    $70 Regular or Maintenance; Patient is NOT enrolled in HCG Course but patient must have finished at least one HCG/HGH Course
    $60 Patient has signed up & is enrolled in a HCG Course

  • Lipotropic (Lipo-B) Injections
    Lipoden & Vit B12 (Lipo-B) & L- Cartinine Injections: $35.00 / Maintenance Shot:

    Patient is Not enrolled in hcg Course
    $30.00 a Shot;
    Patient is enrolled in HCG Course: 
    $400.00 per Bottle;
    (5 Month Supply of Weekly Shots)

    *Package designed to complete one round/course. Range weight loss reported per round is 15-20 lbs. Additional rounds/courses may be necessary for patient to achieve goal weight.

  • Weekly IM Testosterone Injections: (1 Month Supply)
    *One week extra supply if self injections

    $250.00 a Course

    Anti-Aging Cream: (1 Month Supplies)

    $225.00 a Course

  • Omniotrope Growth Hormone; HGH Daily Injections:(2 Months)

    $650.00 a Course

    Sermorelin HGH Stimulant Daily SQ Injections (2 Months):

    $500.00 a Course

    CBD is NOW available – CALL FOR PRICING!



*Testing for Weight Loss Program & Sermorelin is optional whereas periodic testing for Testosterone/Growth Hormone (HGH) is mandatory.

*If our client has medical insurance and wishes to have his/her lab work done using their insurance we accept their lab work results done at their primary physician office if it’s done within the past 6 months.

Other Purity Med Spa Services

2″ Bikini$105.00





Center of Brows$70.00





Full Arms$200.00

Full Back$250.00

Full Bikini$140.00

Full Chest$175.00

Full Feet$105.00

Full Hands$105.00

Full Legs$250.00

Half Back$140.00

Half Chest$105.00

Half Feet/Toes$70.00


Lower Legs$175.00


Partial Hands$70.00

Quarter Back$105.00

Side Burns$70.00

Under Arms$105.00

Upper Legs$200.00

Upper Lip$70.00

Shaving Prep Fee$20.00

Numbing Cream$20.00

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